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18.4-34 Deep Tread Tractor PR-1 Tires, Tractor Has Stronger Traction In Deep Farming

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Many fitness people know that equipment is very important, especially shoes, which must be of good quality and comfortable to wear. In the same way, it is the same in the agricultural machinery equipment industry. The "shoes" of agricultural machinery equipment - tires are related to the quality of the whole machine. Moreover, the operating environment of most agricultural machinery equipment is complex and harsh, which is a test of tire quality.

There are so many brands in the tire industry, which one is better? You can ask the farmer around you, and you will have the right to speak after you use it. Recently, I interviewed Mr. Yin Pengtao from the second operation station of the first management area of Heilongjiang Agricultural Reclamation Hongxing Farm. He chose Qingdao tople tire for agricultural tractor tires. You can comment on his experience.

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Master Yin has a 220-horsepower John Deere tractor, which was purchased in 2010, with imported tires. In the past two years, when using tractors in spring (basically light-load operations on the ground), imported tires have been directly used. In 2018, he equipped the tractor with a set of Tople tires agricultural tires 16.9-34 with patten PR-1. When heavy-duty work in autumn (such as deep loosening and soil preparation), replace it with Tople's 18.4-34 farm tractor tyre patten R1.

According to Master Yin, he has used Qingdao Tople tires for more than 2 years. He has also used tires of this brand before and felt that the tires are in good condition before purchasing them again. In particular, the set of tires he purchased has a special deepened pattern, good wear resistance and low slip rate, so it has excellent traction and low fuel consumption, which is an ideal choice for heavy-duty operations.

With the acceleration of the modernization of agricultural machinery, the development of high-horsepower tractors has been accelerated, but high-horsepower tractors have also brought environmental problems such as serious soil compaction while improving the operating efficiency. The high-horsepower tractor equipped with agricultural bias wide tires can reduce the problem of soil compaction and effectively improve crop yield. In 2018, a field test was conducted at Hongxinglong Friendship Farm, Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang Province. In view of the problems of tire slippage, high fuel consumption, insufficient traction and low operation efficiency of agricultural machinery during work, Qingdao Tople Tire Co., Ltd. organized demonstrations and received many The local live demonstration will be well received and favored by users. The main performance is reflected as:

1. Tire slip rate test: Through the comparative test, Topler's 18.4-34 PR-1 wide farm tractor tires slip rate is 11.2% lower on average than standard tires.

2. Operation efficiency test: The operation efficiency ofPR-1 wide agricltural tractor tyres with 15.5-38 assembled by Topler is 30.75% higher than that of standard tires.

3. Traction test: Through the comparison test, Topler's PR-1 of 18.4-30 farm tractor tyres is obviously better than the standard tire.

It can be seen that the agricultural machinery equipment equipped with Topler 18.4X30, 18.4X34, 18.4X30 PR-1 pattern agricultural tractor tires has good plowing effect, short working time, high efficiency, no mud, fuel saving, smooth driving and easy control , The driving is more comfortable, no cracks, wear-resistant, puncture-resistant.

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