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  • How to maintain farm tractor tires?


    The season for spring ploughing and sowing is coming soon, and after the slack in winter, the tractor will play its role. However, when the tractor is operating, it is often found that the tires are worn, burst, cracked, etc., which are actually caused by improper use and maintenance. So how to main Read More
  • How to tell if 16/70-24 23.5x25 wheel loader tire needs to be replaced?


    Several cases of tire damage 1. Excessive wear of the tire crown There are four reasons for the excessive wear of the tire crown: (1) The driving wheel is slipping. The load of the loader is too large, the relative adhesion of the tire is reduced, the driving wheel slips, and the tire crown is exces Read More
  • How much does a 26.5-25 ,29.5-25 wheel loader tire weight?


    Choosing the best wheel loader tires can have a huge impact on operating costs. "The two most common causes of tire failure on wheel loaders are poor tire maintenance management and choosing the wrong tire for the application," said Jack Hans, Tople tire OTR and Agricultural Products Program Directo Read More
  • how to put fluid/water in 18.4-38 tractor tires?


    There are mainly four materials used to fill tires: water, antifreeze, calcium chloride aqueous solution, glass water, which will increase the torque of the large tractor, increase the friction between the tire and the ground, thereby increasing the tire traction, lowering the center of gravity, mai Read More
  • Explosion in an instant, why does the tractor tire just leave the factory blow out?


    A few days ago, a user was testing a 1804 tractor in an agricultural machinery company. During the test, the tire blew out. The edge of the outer tire exploded about 50 cm from the rim, and the inner tube blew a hole about 40 cm long. After checking the outer tire, no obvious bump was found. Damage, Read More
  • what is the meaning of otr tire?


    what is the meaning of otr tire?Tires are classified by vehicle type and can be roughly divided into 8 types.Namely: PC - passenger car tires; LT - light truck tires; TB - truck and bus tires; AG - agricultural vehicle tires; OTR - engineering vehicle tires; ID - industrial vehicle tires; AC - aircr Read More
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