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Complete knowledge of forklift pneumatic tires -- let you understand forklift tires in seconds

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The selection of forklift tires is closely related to the vehicle performance. The majority of forklift drivers should often check whether the forklift tires are damaged and whether the air pressure meets the standard, because once the forklift tire bursts during acceleration, the whole forklift will instantly produce a strong deflection torque. The driver cannot control the direction of the vehicle and is likely to have an accident. Therefore, the quality and selection of forklift tires should not be underestimated.

The tread marking of forklift pneumatic tire is relatively standard and clear identification is the primary condition for selection.

1.Tire specification

Specifications are the symbolic data of geometric parameters and physical properties. It is usually represented by a set of data. The first number represents the tire section width and the last number represents the rim diameter, both in inches. The letters or symbols in the middle have special meanings. Tire structure: "R" represents radial tire, "d" and "-" represent bias tire. Other "XL" refers to the locally reinforced type of texture, "TG" refers to the tires of Engineering tractor and grader (for off-road use), and "NHS" refers to the tires for off-road use.

For example: 28 * 9 - 15 NHS 650 – 10 NHS

28: tire outer diameter 650: tire section width

9: tire section width -: bias tire

-: bias tire 10: rim diameter

15: Rim diameter NHS: off highway tires

NHS: off highway tires

2. Tire level

Level refers to the nominal number of plies in the tire rubber layer, which is not completely consistent with the actual number of plies. It is an important indicator of tire strength. The levels are marked in Chinese and English. For example: 14 levels, 14PR

3. Cord material

The General mark is after the level or specification. N represents nylon, G represents steel wire, M represents cotton thread, and R represents rayon. For example, 900-20n

4. Load and air pressure

Generally, the maximum load and corresponding air pressure are marked. The load is in "kg". The air pressure is the tire pressure, and the unit is "kPa".

5. Rim specification

Indicates the rim size used to match the tire. Convenient for practical use.

6. Production batch number

The production batch number is used to identify the old and new degree and storage time of tires. It is represented by a group of numbers and letters, indicating the manufacturing year and quantity of tires. For example, "16n09a0913" represents the 913rd tire produced by group A in September 2016.

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The key steps of correct matching according to the performance, working environment and parameters of forklift

1. Same specification

The inflation outer diameter and section width of tires with different specifications are different. If they are installed on the same axle, the load distribution is different. Therefore, it is required that they must be of the same specification on the same axle.

2. Same structure

Radial carcass cord is arranged perpendicular to the rim, with good cushioning performance; Bias tires are different, with small radial deformation and poor cushioning performance. When the two tires are mixed on the same axle, they will inevitably bear different loads and wear.

3. Same material

It mainly refers to the material of carcass cord. There are great differences in carcass thickness, cord strength and heat dissipation performance of different cord fabrics. Mixed packaging will affect the use effect.

4. Same level

The level is the load level of the tire, and the corresponding air pressure standard is determined. The tires with different load capacity are mixed together, the inflation pressure is inconsistent, and the tire deformation is also different.

5. Same pattern

With different tire patterns, not only the wear is different, but also the adhesion with the ground is different.

6. Same brand

The outline size, tread width, pattern shape and cord material of tires vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Mixing tires of different brands will also affect the use effect.

7. The air pressure is the same

The air pressure depends on the level. The same level shall maintain the same air pressure and identity. Therefore, the air pressure must be the same on the same shaft.

8. Same load

The load depends on the level and air pressure. Tires with the same load capacity should be equipped according to the load and other service conditions, so that their load capacity is the same, which can prolong the service life of tires. Therefore, the same load must be on the same shaft.

Daily maintenance is very important to maintain normal technical conditions

1. "Air pressure is the life of tire"

Whether the air pressure is normal or not directly affects the service life of the tire. Therefore, in order to reduce the operating cost and give full play to the performance of the tire, stop the tire when inflating the tire and add air after the tire dissipates heat. Because the tire temperature will rise when the vehicle is driving, it will affect the air pressure.

2. The air pressure shall meet the standard. Check the air pressure to prevent tire damage caused by abnormal air pressure

If the air pressure is too low, the tire will be deformed greatly, the tire temperature will rise sharply, and the carcass will become soft, resulting in abnormal wear of the tread, loose, broken, cracked shoulder or crushed carcass in the tire. However, if the air pressure is too high, the stress of tire carcass cord will increase and the anti flexion performance will decrease, resulting in crown wear, crown burst and abnormal wear of tread. Even in the case of overload operation, the tire internal pressure cannot be increased indefinitely. Through the comparison of data and the results of actual use, no matter how many hits, it can only increase the probability of tire burst.

3. Dig stones frequently

The car mainly checks and removes the small stones and sundries attached between the tire patterns, so as to prevent the crushed stones from squeezing the bottom of the pattern groove during the operation of the tire, stabbing the base rubber, and making the rubber extend along the wound under the action of flexion.

4. Check the wear frequently

Ensure that the remaining tread depth of the tire is within the recommended depth. Once the wear mark at the bottom of the tire tread groove is found, the tire should be replaced immediately to prevent danger. At the same time, the sidewall of the tire shall be checked frequently. If there is abnormal bulge or serious scratch on the sidewall, it must be stopped from use to avoid serious accidents caused by the continuous expansion of the damage.

Size PR Overall Diameter (mm) Section Width (mm) Rim Load capacity (kg) Inflated Pressure  (kpa) Pattern
5.00-8 TT 10 470 137 3.50D 1295 900 TH501
6.00-9 TT 10 540 160 4.00E 1795 850 TH501
6.50-10 TT 10 590 175 5.00F 1965 775 TH501
7.00-12 TT 14 683 192 5.00S 2670 1000 TH501
7.00-15 TT 14 750 200 5.50F 3100 945 TH501
7.50-15 TT 14 808 215 6.00G 3375 925 TH501
8.25-15 TT 14 847 236 6.5 3830 830 TH501
18*7-8 TT 14 465 173 4.33R 1840 900 TH501
21*8-9 TT 14 535 200 6.00E 2300 900 TH501
23*10-12 TT 12 632 200 8.00 3290 700 TH501
23*9-10 TT 16 584 229 7.00 2300 800 TH501
250-15 TT 16 735 250 7.5 4350 850 TH501
27*10-12 TT 14 690 250 8.00G 3620 750 TH501
28*9-15 TT(8.15-15) 14 710 220 7.00 3285 800 TH501
300-15 TT 20 840 300 8.00 6825 900 TH501
10.00-20 TT 16 1055 278 7.5 8320 830 TH501
12.00-20 TT 20 1125 315 8.5 10640 900 TH501


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