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Field tests tell you, where is the difference between bias tire and radial tire and ultra-low pressure tire?

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In the agricultural developed countries in Europe and the United States, the agricultural tire using radial technology and ultra-low pressure technology has long been widely recognized, but the bias technology is still widely used in China.

So, what are the advantages of radial tire and ultra-low pressure tire over bias tire? Can it more effectively prevent soil hardening? Or is it more fuel-efficient?

tractor tire

In order to compare the differences of these three types of tires, today we will broadcast a live agricultural tire test being held by TOPLE TIRE. The test uses the same tractor, which is successively equipped with bias tire, radial tire and ultra-low pressure tire, and tests the fuel consumption and soil compaction of the tractor under these three conditions.

Test location: Jiusan farm, Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province

Test tractor: case puma 210

Test tyres:

Tople bias tire: front wheel 16.9-28, rear wheel 18.4-38

Tople radial tire: front wheel 16.9r28, rear wheel 18.4r38

Ultra low pressure tire: front wheel 600 / 60r30, Rear wheel 712 / 60r38

Three sets of tires installed on the same case puma 210

tractor tyre

Let's test the fuel consumption first. The experimenters dragged another High-power Tractor (500 HP) with Keith puma 210 tractor, kept the traction force constant and the driving distance constant (controlled variables, excluding interference), successively used bias tires (control group), tople brand radial tires (experimental group 1) and Michelin brand ultra-low pressure technology tires (experimental group 2), and finally compared the test data of three groups.

ag tire

The test results show that using the tires of the control group, the tractor consumes 95 cm diesel oil, the experimental group 1 consumes 78 cm diesel oil, and the experimental group 2 consumes 68.5 cm diesel oil, that is, the fuel consumption of the meridian is 17.9% lower than that of the diagonal line, and the fuel consumption of the ultra-low pressure is 27.9% lower than that of the diagonal line.

farm tire

▲ indentation of three types of tires

From left to right: ultra low pressure tire (710mm * 110mm), diagonal tire (480mm * 91mm), radial tire (480mm * 99mm).

Let's take another look at the comparative test of three groups of tires on soil compaction. The three groups of tires reverse into the pre paved experimental field and drive away.

Why are the experimental data of the three groups of tires so different?

As we all know, the principle of saving oil and reducing soil compaction of agricultural tires is mainly due to the different structure of tires, resulting in different grounding areas. The larger the grounding area, the stronger the adhesion, and it is not easy to slip during machine operation, so as to reduce fuel consumption. At the same time, when the grounding area is large, the compaction of soil by agricultural machines and tools is naturally small

We know that the sidewall and crown of diagonal tire are an integrated structure, which is formed by cross tiling of multi-layer cord fabric, and the tire has no elasticity; The structure of radial tire sidewall and crown is independent of each other. The sidewall is paved from one end of one or more layers of nylon cord fabric with toe opening to the other end of toe opening in the direction of radial. The elasticity of tire is very good.

In addition, tire pressure is also an important factor affecting the fuel consumption of agricultural machinery and soil compaction. In farmland operation, the smaller the tire pressure is, the larger the grounding area is, which can increase the traction of the whole machine and reduce the compaction of soil.

Generally, the tire pressure of bias tire should be kept at 1.8 ~ 2.2 bar, while the tire pressure of Michelin radial tire can be reduced to 1.1 ~ 1.2 bar. Michelin ultra-low pressure technology tire is 20% ~ 40% lower than Michelin agricultural radial tire, reaching an ultra-low level of 0.6 bar. It is the ability to achieve lower tire pressure that makes it more fuel-efficient and less compact the soil.

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