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How much does a 26.5-25 ,29.5-25 wheel loader tire weight?

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dozer tire 26.5-25

Choosing the best wheel loader tires can have a huge impact on operating costs. "The two most common causes of tire failure on wheel loaders are poor tire maintenance management and choosing the wrong tire for the application," said Jack Hans, Tople tire OTR and Agricultural Products Program Director. "Choosing the Right Type of Tire" , grade and pattern are critical.”

Every aspect of the tire is designed and built with these requirements in mind, the ability of the entire tire to handle loads - especially dynamic loads that vary as the forklift is lifted - the ability of the bead and sidewall to withstand forces from the axle, And the tire's ability to flex and roll without generating excess heat is critical. Buying more tires than you need isn't economical, but buying under-spec tires isn't economical either and is doomed.

Choose tires based on application

Wheel loaders are often built for very specific applications, and the tire requirements are just as specific to suit the material being excavated and moved, the surface conditions, and the distance and speed traveled. Taking these factors into consideration, as well as the size of the bucket and the load to be carried, you can choose a tire with the construction, tread depth and pattern, and the right application.

Radial and Bias Tires

You need to decide whether to use radial tires or bias tires. Radial tires offer better cut resistance, better traction, and lower operating temperatures, which will maximize uptime, while bias tires offer greater stability, which will provide better performance for larger loaders of ride comfort.

Choosing the Right Tire Pattern

After determining the best tire type for your application, the next step is to choose a tread pattern or tire design. The correct tread design, tread depth and load capacity are key to determining the right tire that will maximize your loader performance. It is important to understand if you are looking for one that offers better heat resistance, durability Tires for cutability and traction, or wear that increases the overall cost.

L4, L5, E3/L3 otr tires are specified for wheel loaders and wheel dozers, earthmovers,Underground,Dumper and tires are used for motor graders. For loader tires, there is a standardized identification code.

L4 Rock Deep Tread Depth

L5 Rock Extra Deep Tread Depth

Knowing the loader's application is critical to understanding which tire to use. For example, if the loader is used to load cargo on a road truck at a stone yard, an L5 tread design might be considered, however, if the loader is used for multiple purposes, such as feeding crushed stone into a crusher, then the finished material Loaded into a truck, the application of the E3L3 should be considered. The L5 offers a deeper tread that provides more protection, traction and longer wear due to the deeper tread. L5 loader tires should be considered when working in any moderate to severe surface conditions.

otr 23.5-25

Off-The-Road tires weight 

15.5-25 16 85
17.5-25 16 100
20 102
20.5-25 20 155
24 160
23.5-25 20 200
24 210
26.5-25 24 310
28 325
29.5-25 28 365
18.00-25 28 230
32 240
1400-24 20 110
24 115
28 120
1600-24 20 138
24 140
28 142
16/70-20(405/70-20) 16 62
16/70-24(405/70-24) 16 72
750-16 10 17
825-16 12 22
900-16 14 25
1200-16 12 33
20.5/70-16 14 43
20.5/70-16 16 58
13.00-24 12 65
16 67
14.00-24 12 75
16 78
9.00-20 14 41
10.00-20 16 48
14.00-20 20 66
16.00-20 20 90

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