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How to deal with 14.00-24 loader tire burst?

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loader tireAll loader drivers must have experienced 14.00-24 loader otr tire burst in their working career. When the loader is working in strong work or in harsh environment, it is often prone to tire burst, while the wheel loader front tyres is more likely to tire burst because it bears more responsibilities. Due to the limitations of environment and conditions, it is more difficult to replace tires on site. Now I have summarized a method of quickly changing tires on the construction site.

1、 Position the body

Drive the loader to a wide and flat place, lower the boom, make the boom support the body, make the damaged tire of the loader slightly off the ground, and then support it on the flash bridge near the side of the flat tire with a support frame. This link requires skilled operation skills of loader hands and strong cooperation to avoid personal injury.

2、 Remove the adhesion between gasket and rim

Use tools to remove the retaining ring and lock ring of the tire, and then check whether there is adhesion between the gasket and the rim. If it is verified that there is adhesion, remove the support and start the loader to make the tire run back and forth slowly on the wide ground to separate the pad from the rim. Remember not to run or rotate quickly to avoid damage to tire liner and rim. After the gasket is separated from the rim, support the front wheel again according to step 1.

3、 Marking tyres

Mark the inner and outer tires according to their relative positions, so as to find foreign matters, remove and repair tires.

4、 Remove the rim

Use the prepared tools to separate the tire and rim, and move gently in the process to avoid damaging the tire and air nozzle.

5、 Casing damage

Carefully check the separated outer tire. If the outer tire is stabbed by sharp foreign matters and the injured area is small, it can continue to be used and repaired when the project is convenient. Because the loader is a slow-moving device, the outer tire with small damage can continue to work. If the damaged area is large, it needs to be repaired in time to avoid tire wear, increase the damaged opening and cause inner tube damage.

loader tyre

6、 Inner tube protection

If the inner tube is relatively new, tighten the air nozzle to prevent air leakage. After the foreign matters inside the outer tube are cleared, talc powder shall be sprinkled and applied evenly. Before inserting the liner, the inner tube shall be inflated properly to avoid excessive clearance between the liner and the inner and outer tubes

7、 Put on the tire

Install the repaired tire on the rim, and install the lock ring and retaining ring one by one. It should be noted that the air nozzle cannot be touched during installation to avoid increasing the friction of the inner tube due to air leakage. After installation, inflate the tire, then repeat step 1, support the body with boom and take out the support frame.

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