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Major suppliers from all over the world gathered, and triangle tires and a variety of construction machinery tires shone at the British exhibition

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From June 21 to 23, Hillhead, the third largest exhibition in Britain, was held in Hillhead quarry, Buxton Hill quarry, Derbyshire, England. Major suppliers from all over the world will gather here. Triangle tire will once again shine with a variety of construction machinery tires, and feel the strong technical strength in tire work with the on-site visitors.

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The British quarrying and Mining Exhibition Hillhead is an important quarrying exhibition in the UK. It has a history of more than 30 years. The landmark feature is that all participating machinery must enter the actual work site for work display. The exhibition covers not only various heavy industrial machinery, mining machinery and mineral recycling machinery, but also quarrying, mining, concrete, road pavement and civil engineering.

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Triangle tire launched four products at the exhibition, and its superior product performance, technology and comfort experience left a deep impression on the audience, including:

20.5R25/23.5R25 TB516 L-3/E-3

20.5R25 TL538S+ L-5

750/65R25 TB598S E-4

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The exhibition attracted nearly 20000 employees and visitors from all over the world. Triangle tires were displayed in the quarry, and their excellent quality was highly praised by the audience. At the same time, staff were also arranged to answer questions related to tire maintenance, overhaul and replacement, and provide detailed consulting services for customers. Everyone showed great interest in it.

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What is more worth mentioning is that 750/65r25 tb598s E-4, as a 65 series low profile engineering tire, has higher bearing capacity, excellent trafficability and better driving comfort than traditional specifications. The combination of deepened pattern and new wear-resistant formula system gives the product longer service life and puncture resistance, which will improve the production efficiency of end customers.

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As one of the four major international engineering tire brands, triangle tire comprehensively innovates management and lean practice, promotes green and high-quality development, and carefully creates high-quality products that can meet the needs of users and consumers. In the future, triangle tire will continue to optimize its quality management system, take the pursuit of quality excellence as the concept, improve the production process, and continue to enhance the recognition and trust of domestic and foreign markets.

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