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Newest! Scientists discover new uses for waste tyres

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Recently, some scientists have successfully developed a high-quality concrete, in which all aggregates are replaced by tire particles.

Concrete is composed of three parts: water, cement that binds everything together, and aggregates such as sand or gravel.

For a long time, some researchers have tried to replace part of sand or gravel with ground tires as concrete aggregates.

However, because cement can not bond well with rubber fragments, and the amount of tire particles is too large, the concrete will lack compressive strength and splitting tensile strength.

Scientists from the Royal Melbourne Institute of technology in Australia found that this adhesion problem was caused by the porosity of tire rubber particles.

When the concrete is initially mixed, the pores in the rubber are filled with water. Once the water evaporates and the concrete sets, these pores will become cavities at the rubber / cement interface.

To solve this problem, the researchers placed the concrete in a special steel mold when it was set. These molds exert pressure on the concrete to compress the rubber particles and the pores therein.

Compared with the 100% tire aggregate concrete produced by the traditional method, the compressive strength, flexural strength and tensile strength of the new concrete are increased by 97%, 59% and 20% respectively.

Scientists are studying how to strengthen this new concrete so that it is more suitable for construction projects.

In the future, if waste tires can replace concrete aggregates, the consumption of natural resources will be greatly reduced, and the major environmental challenges caused by waste tires can be effectively addressed.

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