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Not only agricultural machinery, but also tire retreading. Don't be fooled. After all, life cannot be repeated.

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Not long ago, the incident of refurbishing agricultural machinery was exposed, which caused a lot of attention. Of course, in addition to agricultural machinery, there are also retreads for agricultural tires.

R1 tractor tyre

Regarding retreaded tires, it does not mean that it is illegal, for example: agricultural tires 9.5X24 If the tires are retreaded according to the formal process, their service conditions are equivalent to new tires, and the service life is about 70% of the new tires, but the price is generally the new tires. 35% of the products are cost-effective products.

Domestic retreaded tires are mostly small workshops, many of which are not carried out according to the formal process. They are to recycle the old tires and directly retread them, and do not test the carcass at all, or even directly engrave patterns on the old tires instead of re-fitting the tread. , The tire products retreaded under such conditions have no quality assurance at all, which threatens the safety of consumers.

The dangers of poor quality retreaded tires

Most of the low-quality retreaded tires are manufactured in small workshops. In processing points without safety testing equipment, waste tires are recycled at low prices, and then re-engraved with patterns, and then the tires are cleaned, waxed, and colored. A new tire was born.


These retreaded tires are not only of poor quality, but also have a short lifespan. They not only affect the brakes when used, but are also prone to blowouts. For example: tractor front tire 6.0-14 Because these old tires with flat patterns are not more than 2 mm, and the depth of the worker's engraving has exceeded 2 mm, so the cord is easily exposed. The exposed cord loses the protection of the tire rubber, and is easily broken after rubbing against the road, which eventually leads to a tire blowout.

At the same time, this retreaded tractor tire 7.50-18 is 1-2 cm thinner than a brand new tire. Such tires wear out quite quickly after hitting the road, and their lifespan is less than one-third of that of brand new tires. If the owner does not know that it is retreading the tire, carrying a heavy load on the road, or driving for a long time, it will easily lead to a catastrophe and be extremely dangerous.

Xiaobang said: You get what you pay for every penny, don't be greedy for cheap

Inferior retreaded tires are very harmful. Xiaobang reminds car owners that in order to avoid buying retreaded tires, you can check the tire pattern, color and brightness, the logo on the tire and the overlap between the tread and the sidewall. If the color is wrong, the pattern Too shallow, or the logo is easily deducted, and there are bonding marks on the side of the tire, which are all inferior retreaded tires.

Tires are a major issue related to life safety and must not be careless. Here, Xiaobang still wants to remind everyone that when buying tires, you must not be greedy for cheap, and buy tires that are substandard or irregular. You get what you pay for every penny, you must go to a regular tire store to buy tires.

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