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Wheeled Skid Steer Loader VS Crawler Skid Steer Loader

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Some of the widely used construction machinery today were first developed for agricultural applications, such as skid steer loaders, which were first used in agriculture and then improved and applied in other industries. With the continuous increase of labor costs, it has become a general trend in all walks of life to use machinery instead of manual labor to complete production operations. Compared with traditional large-scale construction equipment, the slip volume is smaller, more flexible, and more adaptable, and it has begun to enter a booming market. new era of development.

Now, the use of skid steer loaders is becoming more and more extensive, mainly used in the occasions where the work site is narrow, the ground is uneven, and the work content changes frequently. It is no longer necessary to cooperate with many other specific equipment, which largely eliminates fixed assets. waste, reduce idle rates, and improve equipment ROI. The skid steer loader has become an all-rounder in various workplaces due to its unique structure and walking mode, combined with multi-functional attachments, suitable for infrastructure construction, industrial applications, dock loading and unloading, urban streets, residential, barns, Animal houses, airport runways, etc., and can also be used as auxiliary equipment for large-scale construction machinery. There are two ways of walking: wheeled and crawler

The maximum speed of the 12-16.5 tire wheel skid steer loader is about 16 to 19 kilometers per hour, while the crawler skid steer loader is only 11 to 16 kilometers. But the question is, how important is top speed? In certain conditions, such as cleaning and snow removal, or transporting materials, higher speeds may be required, but in most conditions, such high speeds are not required, and many conditions are even stationary. Therefore, in terms of speed, the advantages and disadvantages of the two cannot be distinguished.

So how to choose wheel skid or crawler skid? In addition to the appearance and driving method of the slip itself, the requirements of the working conditions should be clarified.

The main difference between the crawler type and the wheeled type is that the crawler type has strong off-road ability, large climbing ability, not easy to sag on wet mud or soft soil, not easy to slip, less affected by terrain, good passability, and can face more complex working conditions. The wheeled type has strong maneuverability and flexible steering, but compared with the crawler type, the pressure on the ground is higher, and it is easy to sink and slip on wet muddy or soft soil. It is more suitable for working on hard ground. If it is normal road operation, you can choose Standard configuration of 10-16.5 SKS pattern skid steer loader tires. When working on soft ground such as mud, the crawler loader can evenly disperse the pressure on the body, bring less pressure to the ground, and have a lower grounding ratio, and the performance on mud is more prominent.

Skid steer loaders mainly use SKS pattern industrial tires, while crawler type adopts rubber crawler design. The cost of tires is much lower than that of crawler belts, so this has become an important consideration in selecting models. The use of track loaders in environments where the surface is susceptible to damage can be particularly disadvantageous, resulting in huge additional costs.

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