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Explosion in an instant, why does the tractor tire just leave the factory blow out?

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A few days ago, a user was testing a 1804 tractor in an agricultural machinery company. During the test, the tire blew out. The edge of the outer tire exploded about 50 cm from the rim, and the inner tube blew a hole about 40 cm long. After checking the outer tire, no obvious bump was found. Damage, check between the inner and outer tires, no foreign body is found, check the inner tube, no tire pinch marks are found, check the road surface, the road is a cement floor, and there is no foreign body. The 1804 tractor use 18.4-38 tire in rear and 14.9-28 tire in front.

The agricultural machinery company asked a tire repairman to replace the inner tube of the rear tire. The repairman charged a labor fee of 200 yuan. When inflating, he checked that the rear tire pressure on the opposite side was 230KPa, which felt too high and dropped to 210KPa. Check the front drive wheel pressure is also 230KPa , are also reduced to 210KPa. Check the stock tractor, most of the air pressure is between 220-230KPa. (Note: 230KPa is about 2.3 atmospheres, 100KPa is about 1 atmosphere, 1 standard atmosphere = 101.3KPa)

Which tractor tire pressure should be how much? Is it the 210KPa air pressure charged by the tire repair master? Or the 230KPa air pressure charged by the tractor manufacturer when it leaves the factory? Still wrong, what else is required?

Let's take a look at the requirements on agricultural tires. As shown in the figure, the standard air pressure requirement on the 18.4-38 rear tire is 180KPa, and the standard air pressure requirement on the 14.9-28 front tire is also 180KPa.

Let's take a look at the tire pressure required in the user's manual. The manual requires: when cultivating the land, the front and rear drive tire pressures of the 1804 tractor are both 80-120KPa, which is 0.8-1.2 atmospheres; when transporting, the front, The rear drive tire pressure is 140-190KPa, which is 1.4-1.9 atmospheres. If it is in rice fields or muddy fields, the tire pressure can be increased by 5%-10%.

Similarly, the air pressure of garden tractor tires 16.9-38 and 14.9-28 is the same as above.

Whether it is the technical requirements of tire manufacturers or the technical requirements of tractor manufacturers, it can be seen that the pressure of tractor tires inflated to 230KPa and 210KPa is on the high side, especially now is summer again, hot sun, high fever, ambient temperature In the case of more than 37, it is more likely to cause damage to the tire.

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