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How to replace the front wheel 29.5-25 tire of the wheel loader?

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23.5-25 wheel loader tyre

Tire punctures often occur when loaders operate on tougher construction sites, such as rock faces. Since the front wheels take on the load, steering, and drive functions, and are the first to contact foreign objects on the ground, they are more prone to punctures. Loader tires have a large self-weight, and due to site and tool constraints, it is time-consuming and laborious to replace front tires on site. The following is a brief introduction to the method of quickly changing the 29.5X25 front tire of the loader.

1. Start the machine, find a relatively flat and open site nearby, press down the boom lift lever, use the boom support to make the front wheel off the ground, and then use the bracket to support the side of the flash bridge near the puncture, and wedge the rear wheel Good (must work closely with the driver to avoid personal injury).

2. Use tools such as a crowbar to remove the retaining ring and the locking ring, and then check whether the tire liner is adhered to the outer surface of the rim (the tire has been used for a long time, and the liner and the outer surface of the rim may adhere). In case of occurrence, the support can be removed, and the machine can be reciprocated at a slow speed within a short distance until the liner is separated from the outer surface of the rim; steering and high-speed driving are strictly prohibited to avoid damage to the inner tube. Then, the front wheel is back up.

3. Mark the relative positions of the inner and outer tires so as to find, remove foreign objects and repair the tires.

4. Use tools such as a crowbar to remove the tire from the rim. Note that the action should be gentle and tacit, to avoid being injured by the tire, and to protect the valve.

5. After the outer tire is punctured by a slender foreign body such as a nail, if there is no obvious wound on the surface or the wound is small, the outer tire can continue to be used (because the loader tire is a low-pressure tire and the running speed is relatively slow); if the wound is large, It must be repaired (because when the machine is running, the tire is squeezed and rubbed, and the inner tube will be damaged over time, and even the wound will become larger and larger, the inner tube will protrude, and the tire will be scrapped).

6. If it is a new inner tube, the bolt at the bottom of the valve must be tightened to prevent air leakage; then remove the foreign matter in the inner cavity of the outer tube, sprinkle with appropriate talcum powder, and apply it evenly. In order to make the liner stick closely to the inner and outer tires, the inner tube should be properly inflated after the inner tube is installed, and then the liner is inserted.

7. Install the tire on the rim, install the lock ring and the retaining ring; protect the valve during the installation process.

8. To inflate the tires with a vehicle-mounted air compressor, high-quality buckets and other accessories are required.

9. Depress the boom lift rod and take out the bracket; at this point, the tire change is completed, and the whole process takes about 50 minutes.

When replacing the loader rear tire, another loader or other lifting equipment is needed to support the rear tire, and the other procedures are the same as the replacement of the front tire. Replacing 25.5-25 loader tires, the steps are the same.


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