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how to put fluid/water in 18.4-38 tractor tires?

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put water in tires

put water in tyre

how to put fluid/water in tractor tires?

There are mainly four materials used to fill tires: water, antifreeze, calcium chloride aqueous solution, glass water, which will increase the torque of the large tractor, increase the friction between the tire and the ground, thereby increasing the tire traction, lowering the center of gravity, maintaining The stability of the entire tractor, for example: 18.4-34 tractor rear tires, increase 20% traction.

Adjusting your tire's ballast level is simple as long as you have the right tools. Once you know the correct technique, you can easily raise or lower the liquid ballast pressure of your tires as needed.

Water, it's cheap and plentiful. If you're filling a lot of tractor tires or want to save money, water may be your best option, don't use water in winter, use antifreeze, use water in temperatures below 32 °F (0 °C), water will freeze.

Take: 15.5-35 tractor rear tires as an example

1. Turn the tire sideways with the valve core facing up

2. Unscrew the valve core from the tire to release the gas in the tire.

3. One end of the hose is connected to the valve position, and the other end is for the water supply, open the faucet, and let the water fill the entire tire.

4. Then repeat the above steps for each tire until the 4 tractor tires are full of water, and then install the tires with tools.

After actual operation,

6.00-16 can hold 6 gallons

6.50-16 can hold 7 gallons

7.50-16 can hold 7.5 gallons

7.50-20 can hold 8 gallons

8.3-24 holds 8.6 gallons

9.5-20 can hold 9 gallons

16.9-30 can hold 90 gallons

18.4-30 can hold 95 gallons

18.4-38 can hold 110 gallons

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