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maintenance methods for common faults of 8.25-15 TT forklift tire

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Forkliftsare suitable for various scenarios and working environments vary greatly. They are mostly used in factories, warehouses, wharves and other places where large goods are handled. The tires of the 8.25-15 TT forklift tyre will inevitably be worn after a long load, and some faults will occur, resulting in the failure of normal operation. Do you know how to handle this? Xiao Bian came with the maintenance method.

First of all, we need to know the material of forklift tires. Generally, forklifts used in factories are mostly solid tires. Because the solid tire body is solid, there is no need to inflate the tire cord as the skeleton, so there is no need for inner tubes or air tight layers. At present, it is only used for low-speed high load vehicles or machinery, and forklift is one of the typical representatives. However, it does not mean that solid tires can be used for a long time. According to industry regulations, when the wear of solid tire pattern is less than 1.6mm, the tire must be replaced.

There are many faults encountered by forklift tires, which can be roughly divided into outer tube and inner tube outer tube.

forklift tire

1. Outer tube

Tire casing damage can be seen and is the most common problem during work. Forklift trucks carry goods from one place to another every day, facing complex road conditions. For example, the forklift in the factory workshop will encounter stones, gravel, branches, cement, etc., which will cause serious tire wear. The outer tire may have cracks, holes, blisters, delamination, etc., specifically, the tread rubber is polished and has large holes, the carcass thread layer has annular cracks and the whole circle is separated. This shall be repaired and replaced according to specific conditions.

2. Inner tube

Tube failure is generally difficult to find and repair, and professionals need to be found. Most tube failures are caused by small holes in the tube, which need hot or cold repair. Among them, hot patching is to file around the damaged part. After the file is rough, stick the fire patching adhesive to the damaged part, and make the hole just right in the center of the patching, then install the tyre patching clamp on the normalized fire patching adhesive, tighten the screw and press it tightly, and then ignite the heating agent on the fire patching adhesive. After 10-15min, it can be bonded tightly. Cold patching is simpler than hot patching. It only needs to file rough, apply raw glue and raw glue stickers, pressurize and heat at about 140-145 ℃, wait for 10-20 minutes to vulcanize the raw rubber, and then cool and stick tightly.

The above are the maintenance methods for minor faults of the inner tube. If the inner tube is folded or damaged seriously to the point where it cannot be repaired, or there are serious aging, deformation, too many cracks, etc., it can be considered to replace the tire. When changing tires, make sure that both sides of the forklift are of the same tire type. The front and rear tires may be different, but the front and rear tires must be of the same type.

The above describes a simple maintenance method for forklift tire failure. I hope it can help you. The quality of tires is related to the personal safety of drivers. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check and troubleshoot. Then, the inflation pressure of tires should be carried out according to the standards specified by the original factory. Too high or too low will cause faults, so special attention should be paid.

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