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what is the meaning of otr tire?

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wheel loader 26.5-25 tire

what is the meaning of otr tire?

Tires are classified by vehicle type and can be roughly divided into 8 types.

Namely: PC - passenger car tires; LT - light truck tires; TB - truck and bus tires; AG - agricultural vehicle tires; OTR - engineering vehicle tires; ID - industrial vehicle tires; AC - aircraft tires; MC - motorcycle tires.

Wheel Loader tire specification "16/70-20" 16 means the section width is 16 inches, 70 means the flat ratio of the tire section is 70%, that is, the ratio of the tire sidewall height to the tread width, the flat ratio of the general tire is 30% -80%, the load index is 20, 1. The tire section width refers to the maximum distance between the two outer sides after the tire is inflated as specified, generally divided by 5mm as a unit, but the new tire section width tolerance is 63% . Section height refers to half the difference between the outer diameter of the tire and the nominal diameter of the rim after the tire is inflated. 2. Flat rate = cross-sectional height / cross-sectional width x 100%. The aspect ratio on the tire specification mark is displayed in the form of a percentage, and the percent sign is generally omitted, usually 80, 75, 70, 65, 60, 55 and other types. 3. The load index expresses the maximum load that a tire can bear in the form of a code.

Dozer off-the-road 23.5-25 tire detailed size: 23.5 is the tread width, 25 is the diameter of the steel rim, the unit is inches.

Grader otr 26.5-25 tire detailed size: 26.5 is the tread width, 25 is the diameter of the steel rim, the unit is inches.

If some tire marks are like: 6.00-12, it means that it is not a radial tire, but a bias tire. This tire is mainly used for agricultural tractors, agricultural implement, and forklifts.


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