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How to maintain farm tractor tires?

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garden tractor 16.9-30 tire

The season for spring ploughing and sowing is coming soon, and after the slack in winter, the tractor will play its role. However, when the tractor is operating, it is often found that the tires are worn, burst, cracked, etc., which are actually caused by improper use and maintenance. So how to maintain tractor tires? The following agricultural materials editor will introduce to you the maintenance method of tractor tires.

How to maintain farm tractor tires

1. Correctly adjust the air pressure of the tractor tires

Air pressure greatly affects the service life of tires. Low air pressure causes large deformation of the carcass, which makes the ply easily broken, peeled off and delaminated; high air pressure, especially in the high temperature in summer, is often prone to tire bursting. According to the survey, in terms of front tire damage, some front tire damage is often caused by insufficient or high air pressure.

In order to ensure the correct air pressure, attention should be paid to: ① Always check the tire pressure with an air pressure gauge, the error should be less than 0.02 MPa, and the general agricultural tire pressure value is 0.20-0.25 MPa, such as R1 16.9-28 agricultural tractor rear tires , the tire pressure value is 0.20 MPa; ②According to the different temperature, the appropriate amount of thermal expansion and cold contraction should be set aside when inflating; ③ Always check whether the valve core is out of air, and whether there are iron nails and sharp stones on the tread.

2. The tractor guarantees a reasonable load

Overworked tires can cause rapid damage, especially trailer tires. Therefore, when considering the normal load of the tire, it is advisable to take 80% to 90% of the load, and overload is prohibited. Such as 6.00-16, 6.50-16 tractor guide wheel tire, its load is 550 kg, if it often exceeds this load, the service life will be shortened by about 1/2. Moreover, there is a serious problem of overloading the tractor.

3. Correct positioning of the front wheel of the tractor tire

The main reasons for the change in the alignment of the front wheel of the tractor are improper installation and adjustment, and wear and tear of some parts. After the positioning is damaged, it not only affects walking and steering, but also causes tire eccentric wear and early scrapping.

To position the front wheel correctly, it should be done: ①Check and adjust regularly according to the regulations; ②Repair or replace the steering joint in time after wear; ③Regularly check whether the wheel nuts and bolts are tightened and whether the bearings are loose; ④The front beam and After the deformation of the half shaft, it should be corrected in time.

4. Precautions in tractor operation

When driving a tractor, on the basis of strictly abiding by traffic laws, regulations and operating procedures, try to do the following aspects to prolong the service life of tires. The main thing is to start and stop smoothly, use less sudden braking, insist on driving at a medium speed, pay attention to choosing the road surface, and do not drive at high speed on uneven roads. Try to avoid wear and damage caused by abnormal tire deformation, impact, etc. At the same time, the air pressure of the left and right tires should be the same, and the old and new tires should be the same to avoid partial wear. If the wear is uneven, the left and right tires can be reversed. When changing new tires, they should be replaced in pairs on the same axle.

5. Storage of tractor tires

Often the stolen goods on the tires, try not to stick corrosive substances such as oil, acid or alkali on the tires to prevent the tires from aging. After parking, try to avoid tire wind, sun and rain, and park in a dry garage. When parking in slack, the tires should be supported to avoid local deformation of the tires. The tire storage time should not be too long (such as more than 2 years), otherwise it will shorten the life.


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